Shapetopia is a brain and puzzle game for Android

Straight lines are so 20th century.

Shapetopia is a block matching game with physics. The blocks are different shapes and different colours. The position of the blocks is completely dynamic instead of staying in boring static rows and columns. Compete against your friends and climb the online leaderboards.

3 different ways to play:

  • Easy - Select 3 or more blocks of the same shape but any colour.
  • Intermediate - Select 3 or more blocks of the same colour but any shape.
  • Hard - Select 3 or more blocks of the same colour and shape.

How to play:

  • You select blocks by dragging your finger over each block.
  • After each block is selected, you can move your finger in any direction to select more matching blocks provided that you:
    1. do not touch a block that doesn't match
    2. do not touch a block that was previously selected
    3. do not move your finger out of the playing area
  • You can drag your finger across the background as may times as required to select more blocks.
  • As soon as you lift your finger off the screen, the set of selected blocks is removed from the screen and the same number of new blocks are added to the top of the playing area.
  • You can rotate the playing area by flicking the border or tilting the device left or right at any time during the game to shuffle the blocks on the playing area.
  • You can bump the playing area by shaking the device at any time to nudge the blocks.
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Available: now

Version: 1.2.5

Price: free (with ads)

Special blocks appear randomly during play:

  • Flashing wildcard blocks match any colour.
  • Bombs remove all adjacent blocks when detonated.
  • Multiplier blocks increase your score and bonus time when included in a move. Multipliers accumulate when more than one is selected in a single move.
  • Jewels score huge bonus scores when 3 or more are selected in a single move.

The game ends when the time runs out.


You score points and earn bonus time after each move. The score earned and the amount of bonus time added depends on the number of blocks selected in a single move. You should always try to select the maximum number of blocks possible in every move to get the highest score.


Realistic physics simulation.

Supports all Android devices running 2.3 or later.

Requires a device with a touchscreen with 480 or larger screen width.

The game is free but requires an active internet connection in order to display ads.

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Graphics library

Physics library

Artwork and audio

libgdx by Mario Zechner, Nathan Sweet and contributors

Box2D by Erin Catto

Full list of media credits