MPDMan is a full featured, no-compromise mobile client for MPD.

MPD is a server for playing music.  Binaries are available for download for Linux and Windows.

"Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol."  official site

MPDMan allows full control of all your MPD servers from your mobile device.


Efficient creation of playlists with flexible navigation of the server music database.

Automatic download of cover art.

Automatic download of song lyrics.

Automatic scrobbling to your profile (optional, requires account and login at startup).

Designed to minimize network traffic and battery consumption.

Stream music from your MPD server directly to your mobile device - WARNING! Use of this feature may incur significant data usage and costs. (Included in Pro version only)

MPDMan is available in two different versions: a free version with advertisements and a Pro version with extra features and no advertisements.

Quick Start Guide:

The first time you start MPDMan, you will need to add the definition of the MPD server. MPDMan will then automatically reconnect to the last server each time you restart.

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Available now

Version: 1.0.9

Price: free (with ads)

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Enter a logical name (default is a decent name if you can't think of anything more meaningful), the IP address of the server and, if required by your server configuration, the port and password. Tap the Save button.  MPDMan will connect to the specified server and display the main screen.

The display is divided into 3 main sections:

1. Music Database Browser

This section is used to browse all the music stored on the currently connected MPD server.

The database menu contains options to disconnect from the current server, edit the list of known servers, modify the application preferences and display an About dialog.

There are 3 ways to browse the music database:

I. The music on the server is organised as a tree




You can enqueue for playback all songs by an artist, all songs on a particular album or individual songs.

II. You can enqueue for playback saved playlists which are stored on the server.

III. You can perform a full text search on the database and enqueue for playback any subset of the result of the search.

2. The Current Playlist

This section is used to view and edit the list of songs that will be played by the server.

The playlist menu contains options to refresh the playlist, clear the playlist, shuffle the playlist, save the contents of the playlist to the server and display the lyrics of the currently playing song.

You can immediately start playing any song in the playlist by pressing the play icon.

You can delete individual songs from the current playlist by pressing the delete icon.

You can perform a full text search on the current playlist to filter the display and quickly find songs to play or delete.

3. Now Playing

This section is used to control playback by the server.

You can view the current song information and album cover art, adjust the volume of the server, seek backwards and forwards to any arbitrary position in the currently playing song, skip to the previous song in the playlist, play/pause playback, stop playback, skip to the next song in the playlist and connect to the server music stream to listen to the music on your mobile device.


For this application to be useful, you obviously need network access to an MPD server.


Supports all Android devices running 2.3 or later.

Requires a device with a touchscreen with 480 or larger screen width.

MPDMan requires the following permissions

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