2048 3D

2048 3D is a puzzle game for Android.

This game is inspired by "2048" by Gabriele Cirulli but is played on a 3D cube. This fun and very addictive version is just like playing 6 games at the same time.

How to play:

Swipe to move all the tiles on that face of the cube. When 2 tiles with the same value collide, they combine to form the next higher value. After each move, a new tile is placed in a random position on the current face. Keep playing until no more moves are possible. Use the arrows to rotate the cube to view the other faces. Compete against your friends and climb the online leaderboards. Earn valuable achievements by reaching the 2048 or higher tiles.


When 2 tiles combine, your score increases by the value of the combined tile.


Supports all Android devices running 2.3 or later.

Requires a device with a touchscreen with 480 or larger screen width in portrait orientation.

The game is free but requires an active internet connection in order to access the online Leaderboards and display ads.

Can be played on a 3x3x3 cube (challenging) or 4x4x4 (much easier).

Game progress is saved automatically.

Multiple color schemes.

Configurable sound effects.

Uses Google Play Game Services for Leaderboards and Achievements. If Play Services are not available on your device, then all high scores are stored locally.

Android app on Google Play

Available now

Version: 1.0.7

Price: free (with ads)

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Graphics library

HUD icons 

Launcher Icons 

libgdx by Mario Zechner, Nathan Sweet and contributors

licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0


"You may use these materials without restriction in your apps and to develop your apps."


Created with Android Asset Studio   licensed under CC BY 3.0