The following are required to play this game
  • Any Android device running version 2.2 or later.  The game graphics are optimised for a "large display" (800x480) although the game can still be played on devices with a "small display" (480x320).
  • Multi-touch touch screen is required.
  • Landscape orientation is required.
Special requirements.
  • Active network connection.  This game is free but requires an active network connection in order to display advertisements and maintain high scores and achievements.  If the network connection is interrupted, the game will stop until the connection is restored.
  • Advertising must not be blocked.  This game is free and all development is supported by advertising.  A banner ad is displayed each time a level is completed.  If the game detects that advertising has been blocked or otherwise tampered with, it will stop and you will not be able to continue until the block is removed.
  • Swarm login is required.  We use Swarm to provide online leaderboards and achievements.  At startup, you will be prompted to login to Swarm, either by creating a new, named account, choosing an existing account or creating a guest account.  Your login details are stored and you will be automatically logged in each time the game is restarted.  If you do not wish to create a named account, you can create an anonymous guest account.  The guest account is associated with the device when it is created.  If you have more than one Android device, it is recommended that you create a named login so that you can play the game on different devices and your scores and achievements will be available across devices.  You will not be able to play the game until you have logged in to Swarm.
The game requires the following permissions
  • INTERNET: Online leaderboards and ad support.
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Allows online leaderboard software to detect when a user is online or when the user's connection has been lost.
  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Allows ad serving software to present ads relevant to your geographic location.
The first time that the game is started, and each time it is updated, you will be required to accept our licence agreement.  You will not be able to play the game until the agreement is accepted.

Main menu

Press the [Play] button to select which game to play.
The first time this button is pressed, you will be automatically logged in to Swarm using your previous login details.  If you have never logged in to Swarm before, you will be prompted to create a Swarm login, either named or guest.  You will not be able to continue until you have successfully logged in to Swarm.

The game contains multiple levels of increasing difficulty.  You can play [Complete game] which will advance through each level sequentially or individual levels.  Swipe the list of level tiles left and right to select individual levels to play.  If a padlock is displayed, then the level is locked.  Levels remain locked until the previous level has been completed.  Each of the unlocked levels displays multiple trophies (bronze, silver and gold) depending on which achievements have been earned.
Bronze5 pointsThe level has been completed at least once
Silver10 points A new weekly high score was registered at least once
Gold 25 points A new all-time high score was registered at least once
Press the [Play] button on the level tile to start playing the level.

The total number of achievement points earned is displayed under the list.  Future releases of the game will contain bonus levels that are unlocked as soon as certain point levels are reached.

Press the [Back] button to return to the main menu
Press the [Scores] button to display the global high score list of all levels
Press the [Achievements] button to display the list of all achievements you have earned

Press the [Setup] button to configure the game
Sound effectsToggle sound effects on / off
MusicToggle theme music on / off 
VolumeSet the volume of sound effects and music (in 10% increments from 0% to 100%)
MuteToggle sound effects and music on / off 
Tilt phone to moveToggle using accelerometer to move the player.  If selected, then Gangurru will move depending on the orientation of the phone.  Touch the screen to jump. If selected, the on screen controls for moving and jumping will not be displayed.
Horz sensitivityAdjust the sensitivity of horizontal movement (left / right) while using the accelerometer
Vert sensitivityAdjust the sensitivity of vertical movement (up / down) while using the accelerometer 
Phone rotationDisplays the angle in degrees that the phone is rotated (0, 90, 180 or 270) 
InvertInvert the direction for horizontal and/or vertical movement
Current motionDisplays the calculated direction based on the current orientation of the phone -- tilt the phone to update the indicators
One of : Left / (blank) / Right                          One of : Up / (blank) / Down
Depending on the size of your phone screen, you may need to pan the screen contents to see all of the available options.
Press the [Back] button to return to the main menu.

Press the [About] button to display copyright and version information.

Press the [Back] button to end the game and exit.

Playing the game
The game screen displays the following on-screen information and controls (Clockwise direction from upper left corner)
ScoreThe total score 
TimeThe elapsed time playing the current level. Bonus points are awarded depending on the amount of time it takes to complete the level so you should try to complete the level as quickly as possible.
Lives remainingThe game will end as soon as Gangurru has died 5 times.  You lose a life each time Gangurru falls in the water or fire, gets touched by an enemy (bat / spider / monster) or touches a hazard.
Restart level Press this button at any time to reset the current level and restart. 
Toggle mute Press this button to toggle sound effects and music.  This selection is also available in the Setup screen. 
Toggle help Toggle the display of help bubbles showing what each of the controls is used for. 
Throw spearPress the button to throw the weapon (spear / arrow / boomerang)  (only available on some screens).  The game will end if you run out of weapons so shoot wisely.  The remaining number of weapons is displayed on the button and updates each shot. 
Aim Move the joystick to aim the weapon (only available on some screens)
Jump Press the button to make Gangurru jump (not visible if using accelerometer)
Move Move the joystick to move Gangurru left and right while on the ground or up and down while on a ladder / rope (not visible if using accelerometer)

After completing the level a status window is displayed showing the final score after adding bonus points and subtracting penalty points.  The final score is submitted to Swarm and achievements are updated.

Press the [Back] button to return to the level selection screen
Press the [Replay] button to replay the level
Press the [Scores] button to display the global scores for the current level.
Press the [Next] button to advance to the next level (only displayed if playing "Complete game")